I am so excited to launch this new series focusing on the most common questions about God. Below, you will see a bit of my heart behind each piece. The question will be laid out paired with the declaration -- the title of each piece is the declaration that answers the question we so often ask of the Divine Father! These answers are ones we know to be true do the truth given in God's word. Am I presuming to know all the answers? Absolutely not! But I do know where to find the answers. And it begins with conversation with God -- who is always willing and able to answer our questions.

Every piece will include a prayer from me, a set of Scriptures to back up the declaration, as well as a testimony from someone who has walked through the very question about God. You will only see snippets of the testimony for privacy of our contributors. Thank you and enjoy!

All pieces are created 11" x 14" on stretched canvas. Acrylic, gold and silver leaf foil, and mirrored stones were used. Each piece is framed in gold or ebony stained wood and sealed with clear acrylic. The frame adds an additional 1.5" to the finished canvas.

See below for pricing. To reserve, click on the designated link and indicate the title in the body of the email.

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Lexington, KY, USA

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