I am so excited to launch this new series focusing on the most common questions about God. Below, you will see a bit of my heart behind each piece. The question will be laid out paired with the declaration -- the title of each piece is the declaration that answers the question we so often ask of the Divine Father! These answers are ones we know to be true do the truth given in God's word. Am I presuming to know all the answers? Absolutely not! But I do know where to find the answers. And it begins with conversation with God -- who is always willing and able to answer our questions.

Every piece will include a prayer from me, a set of Scriptures to back up the declaration, as well as a testimony from someone who has walked through the very question about God. You will only see snippets of the testimony for privacy of our contributors. Thank you and enjoy!

All pieces are created 11" x 14" on stretched canvas. Acrylic, gold and silver leaf foil, and mirrored stones were used. Each piece is framed in gold or ebony stained wood and sealed with clear acrylic. The frame adds an additional 1.5" to the finished canvas.

See below for pricing. To reserve, click on the designated link and indicate the title in the body of the email.

All payment can be made via Venmo or PayPal.



Answering the Question:

If God is good, why do bad things happen?

"We are often confronted with the question 'why do bad things happen?' I could write for hours on that topic; but, the short answer is bad things happen because we live in a broken, sinful world. This world is not intended to be our 'happily ever after' and if we hope it will be, it cannot deliver on that promise. A better question is: Where is God when bad things happen?..."



Answering the Question:

Is God real?

"I met God the Father through the amazing Son of God. 'I am home,' was all I said. I learned to hear His sweet voice and see His Word as the representation of truth and life. Scripture became life for me. As I read the New Testament, I saw the heart of the Father in the life of His Son, Jesus. Jesus is the perfect theology..."



Answering the Question:

Is God close during suffering and self-doubt?

"He was near in the days I didn't even know Him. Now fast forward years later, I can say He is near. On my hardest days, He is the confident hope in my pain, the steadier of my thoughts and the kindest lifter of my chin. I can feel Him collect my tears promising to use them to fertilize the very ground I am walking on because He is the very one that makes beauty fro ashes. He can turn joy onto my heaviest moments, and can make dry bones dance..."



Answering the Question:

Can God really use me if I have messed up in the past?

"How do I know God can still use me? Because He told me this morning. He told me yesterday and the day before. Ever since I told Him I want a relationship with Him, He said we are going on an amazing ride! When we say yes to God, whatever His question may be, we are saying yes to being used and yes to a relationship with Him. I know that being used by Him is only one conversation away..."



Answering the Question:

What do I do when I can't hear Him speak?

"When I can't hear His voice, I continually come back to the power or adoration and waiting. Of shifting my focus from me to Him. Praising Him for who He is and what He has done for me. And I wait! After I have laid my worries at His feet, I know He will respond. Sometimes it is in that moment, but sometimes it's days or weeks later! But He always does and He will respond to you. His timing is the best! I promise..."



Answering the Question: 

Can He use me to minister to others?

"Our God is so big and so faithful, and I truly believe that He speaks to and through each and every one of His children in unique and beautiful ways..."



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