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Supernatural Wellness

The piece that Bitty painted for me absolutely took my breath away. It was as if she captured the dance of my heart and His and painted it on canvas. Even just looking at the painting I am ministered to, reminded that the Lord fights on my behalf, that His Promises never fail and that His love for me is beyond all comprehension. When I look at this piece my entire being responds to the Kingdom of Heaven and Jesus’ desire for us to co-labor with Him! I’m reminded of His delight, joy, grace and truth- a collision of love between His heart and mine. 

I never knew art could speak like this. I’m so thankful for Bitty’s gift and her willingness to partner with the Holy Spirit as she paints. Now, this piece is positioned right where I can see it everyday. I’m so thankful for experiences such as this that draw me closer to the heart of the Father and remind me who I am in Him!