The piece that Bitty painted for me absolutely took my breath away. It was as if she captured the dance of my heart and His and painted it on canvas. Even just looking at the painting I am ministered to, reminded that the Lord fights on my behalf, that His Promises never fail and that His love for me is beyond all comprehension. When I look at this piece my entire being responds to the Kingdom of Heaven and Jesus’ desire for us to co-labor with Him! I’m reminded of His delight, joy, grace and truth- a collision of love between His heart and mine. 

I never knew art could speak like this. I’m so thankful for Bitty’s gift and her willingness to partner with the Holy Spirit as she paints. Now, this piece is positioned right where I can see it everyday. I’m so thankful for experiences such as this that draw me closer to the heart of the Father and remind me who I am in Him!




For my gift of The History Maker, first the title meant so much, because don't we all want to be such. History Makers must be excellent in what they do/how they conform to the image of Christ, and that's what I saw in your piece of art: excellence, above and beyond, first in the actual physical nature of it: 3D (I never received one or purchased one that was multi-dimensional and I couldn't believe it) and the gems and colors you used - blue for eternity and wide expanse, gold for richness, excellence and making history before kings.

In my interpretation, I see waves of glory and permission flowing from heaven to earth and then back to heaven. The future is wide open and glorious, full of wonder, as I get to partner with the LORD of history to be clay in his hands to affect history/continue His-story, with joy, dreaming with him (permission) and giving away his glory and beauty and excellence to others!

It is not only a beautiful piece but it makes me want to partner with God even more to be a beautiful representative of the Desire of Nations to everyone I meet!



I had heard about prophetic art but really had no idea what it was. But then I got two pieces and hung them in my home at almost the same time; Nothing prepared me for the impact that they would have on all of the various people who visit my home!

When encountering them for the first time, both Christian, and non-Christian, alike were equally enthralled and intrigued. I couldn't help but notice that everyone was affected by the art in some way. And almost always, it was in a positive, affirming way. I can’t explain it, but I know that God is using these pieces of art to speak into the person viewing it.

We’ve had our own encounters with the Lord, as we’ve gazed upon them day after day. They appear differently to every individual who looks at them. I guess that’s because we are all created uniquely and purposefully with a specific plan for our lives. At least, that’s my personal opinion. 

I know that I will always have a piece of prophetic art in my home. If for no other reason than to just have a great conversation starter!

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Bitty painted a piece during a worship set I was leading and I instantly fell in love with it. She managed to capture The Fathers presence that night with her art. It still amazes me. Every day I get to look at this piece I’m reminded of that night and I’m reminded that He is so sweet and still unchanging with his endless supply of love and grace. This is more than just a piece of art, this is a depiction of Gods love for us. Just like Gods love, it’s beautiful and can’t be replicated.



When Bitty gave me this piece, I was blown away by the presence of the Lord on the canvas. He met me right there and said, ‘Clay, I have always been and I will forever be your Lion.’ What a relief it is to know that my God, the one who put the stars in the sky and called each creature by name, will protect me all the days of my life.

Bitty's piece of art captures the very essence of the Father's fierce and protective heart. I would encourage anyone to have Bitty paint a piece for you. You're never too old or young, too rich or poor, too worthy or unworthy, to have an encounter with the all-surpassing God that had YOU in mind when He created the universe. So reach out! And let the Lord meet you through the canvas like He did me.

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When Curt and I began decorating our house, we both agreed that we want our home to be a reflection of our faith, so that when people come over they sense the Holy Spirit. For the longest time, the focal wall in our living room sat blank, screaming for a picture... and it drove me crazy! I prayed that the Lord would help me decorate it because I was clueless, and one day He led me to Bitty’s artwork. I felt strongly that God didn’t want me to give her much direction on the color scheme, but that I needed to trust that He would give Bitty the perfect vision for what to paint, which was so hard at the time but so rewarding in the end!

Sure enough, the Lord definitely pulled through and what Bitty painted was beyond perfect! Her artwork is way more than a pretty picture — this piece resembles so much life and beauty; I couldn’t have asked her to paint something so perfect. I know that God has given Bitty an anointing to paint pieces of significance for people, praying truth over them as she does. In fact, she gave us a letter of what she had prayed over us and mine happened to read “is surrounded by children”, and 3 weeks later, I found out I was pregnant!

I know God used this piece as a confirmation for His plan! Not only do I love the painting, but I loved getting to know Bitty through this and her heart for using her gifts for Him!



Bitty has painted several pieces for me, and I’m developing quite a gallery wall of her prophetic art at this point. Interestingly, after hanging the pieces on my wall in a random succession, the Lord spoke to me one day as I was sitting on the couch looking at them. The pieces made the most sense together, even though they meant significant things separately (which absolutely blew my mind).

The images that the Lord gave me through her paintings have revealed His nature to me in fresh ways. Because of Bitty’s paintings, I am reminded that God sees me, and knows me fully. He delights in the details of my life--even the most specific ones from years ago. He is truly the sweetest and best love I’ll ever know. Thank you Bitty for fostering space for God to love on His kids through your holy creativity! I’ll be treasuring these heavenly gifts for years to come.



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