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About the Artist

Hi! I am Bitty Rose. I am a native of the Bluegrass State and I currently live in Lexington with my sweet husband and am a momma to our precious girls, Elsie and Ezra. Growing up, I was the spontaneous, creative middle child, and now grown, nothing much has changed. My spontaneity played a huge role in my ability to say "yes" to the invitation God gave me in February 2017. I know that this is only our beginning.

I crave to see the creativity of God shown through His most special creation - us! I live to empower people to tap into their creative potential; I feel a large part of this ministry is helping people realize the dormant Holy Creativity inside of them that is just waiting to come out! If you need encouragement or help finding the confidence to chase after that dream, let's meet!

After searching and pursuing the deeper places of God's heart for creativity, I have found that His miracle power and great glory is all around us! It is a heart-cry of mine for people to know God intimately as a person, so I have set out on a mission to introduce the world to Him.

Fun facts: I drink anywhere from 3 - 7 cups of coffee a day. I have the very best family in the world (no bias here). And my husband is the most loving, kind, and handsome person on the planet.

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I remember driving home from work one day and hearing the Holy Spirit say, "I want you to paint." I laughed it off knowing I had never painted before, but there was that nudge.  I reluctantly obeyed, but I decided to go for it. I got home, found a canvas, and simply painted the image He had shown me.

I heard Him say that this was the beginning of our story together; He was going to use these pieces of art, or encounters with Him, to completely shift atmospheres: homes, businesses, hospitals, churches, etc.

He told me that I was doing this so His Glory could completely invade spaces.

I am not overly unique, but I am obedient to what He has called me to do and there is nothing in this world that can compare to saying “yes” to where He leads. Since purchasing art, some buyers have dreamt of creative business plans, some have had radical dreams from Heaven, some have been healed from disease. But ALL have encountered their Maker. No, I am not crazy to think it is because of painting, but I DO believe it is because of an encounter with the Living God. He will use any means possible to get to us!

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