What is Prophetic Art?

I don’t really have all the answers, but this is what I do know: God speaks

in a multitude of ways. And the way He specifically speaks to me is through

art. I have learned that we were each born with different talents and when

we channel the power of Heaven backing us, our simple talents become gifts

and before our very eyes, lives are changed and people are delivered.

After I started painting for Jesus, I quickly realized that my world would never be the same. When the Lord prompts me to paint a piece, He tells me the purpose of the piece of art, whether it is to reassure the client that He truly sees her, or that He is fighting on His son’s behalf. All of this is for a face-to-face encounter with our Creator so that your world, too, will never be the same.

Getting to watch people encounter their Maker - that is everything.



Are you wanting to get together and learn more about Prophetic Art? Are you wanting a Custom Piece? Email me!

Lexington, KY, USA

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